Episode 39: The Ghost of Conway Twitty

Jingle bells, monkeys smell, Conway’s not impressed! The guys get together to swap Christmas stories and presents. Really? This is the season finale? Really?

We at “You Talk Loud” would like to thank all of you for listening and supporting us over the year. We’ll return in 2013 with fresh episodes and tons more bullshit. Merry Christmas and have a swanky new year!

Season’s greetings
The unwrapping of the gifts
That monkey’s the shit
Christmas-related injuries
Christmas countdown
Merry Christmas and goodnight

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Episode 38: Tales from the Moon

It’s not a crime to like Will Smith OR be a Juggalo. But both? Madness! This episode was recorded around Thanksgiving.

The richest NASCAR fan in poor town
Fables of the East side
Juggalo on Juggalo crime
RIP Twinkie the Kid
Shut up and play, Hed PE
Fun and games
Bond is bi-curious
The McRib maneuver
Bears and neuralizers
Great moments in History Channel history
Downgraded to khaki coat

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Episode 35: Schindler on the Roof

The guys gather at Dylan’s house to discuss all the big questions. Where’s can you get the best kolache? Stretch or Plas? The old Spartacus or the new one? “Tombstone” or “Unforgiven”? It was a night to remember.

I want answers and I don’t want to swipe
Battle of the stretchy guys
Print’s dead
Michael Richards (again)
Video stores that we knew and loved (and hated)
Fuck cake pops
The best little kolache house in Texas
Ben and Hunter are Browncoats
The Roman strap-on
Ben finally saw “Freaks and Geeks”
Everything is retro
The failed Western revival of the early ’90s
As good as “Bill and Ted”?
Bet on black Bond

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Episode 34: Let Me Put My Bra Back on Before My Dad Walks In

Come on down to the Cantina Cabaret! Anakin can sure put on a hell of a show. Admission includes a bantha steak and complimentary Jawa juice. Stick around for the comedy stylings of Salacious Crumb and Bib Fortuna. No droids allowed!

Master ninja, huh?
We got crabs at Mos Eisley
Leave your white guy at the door
What does Mos Eisley smell like?
Vampire condoms and the salty, old seaman
We mecha more
It’s a deep fried world, after all

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Episode 33: I Really Ate Like a Pig

Grease up and get ready for a roller coaster ride, brother!

American ingenuity
Getting drunk at the Chili’s bar
Crackle & Pop
Sitcom geography
The Hulkster gets down
It’s all fun and games
Do you shave your bush?
Ben gets corny
Joss, I take it all back
TMNT is back!
You can’t defend Michael Richards
The not-so-great debate
Get off my porch!

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Episode 32: An Honest Day’s Work

You no can explain Hulk. Hulk got big problems. Puny humans make Hulk feel confused. Hulk got mortgage. Hulk got 7 year car loan. Hulk got more on plate than Hulk can handle. You no judge Hulk. Only Hulk can judge Hulk.

Even the Hulk has his days
Where’s Stan Lee?
The “Ghetto Guys” gave me sandwiches
The hidden animal cemetery
A sucker for a good peeing-in-the-pants story
I might have to wash my cat
I know the gay bars
Mr. Slippery Dick
Wow, Ice-T…wow
Thats the most expensive thing I’ve ever touched

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Episode 31: Deep 1313

Put on your striped tank top, groom your handlebar mustache, and charge up your iPhone. It’s hip to be square.

Just give me a Victrola
Prince is all puffed up
The mustache of gods
Stay away from Legs Avenue
In a fucked up Star Wars future, down in 1313…
Dad… where does my content go when my console dies?
Hunter’s pitch for a new controller
It’s like the stupid Subaru truck looking thing
iPhones seem like timeshares
And that was bullshit too
The cook and the architect

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