Ben Jarvis

Ben Jarvis is a podcaster, independent musician, and recording engineer. Originally from Los Angeles, California, he now lives in Austin, TX. Ben experiments with numerous musical instruments and a wide variety of recording techniques. “You Talk Loud” is his first podcast. His hobbies include music, movies, television, games, and comic books. He’s a Scorpio, and his favorite color is blue.

Hunter Kelly

Hunter “Trebek” Kelly is a fellow podcaster hailing from Austin, TX and is quite the wordsmith, loudmouth, and smartass. He’s been known for lewd and somewhat obnoxious behavior, however his God-given voice and boyish charm have helped him avoid many an altercation. He’s been dubbed by numerous local citizens “The Master of Useless Information”, which pertains to his knowledge and love of music, comics, shitty movies, and TV. He enjoys long walks on the sidewalk, polo, lacrosse, gambling, crooning, and arson. Lock up your daughters.

Claymation Bates

Deep within his mountainside lair dwells Claymation Bates, amateur alchemist, lute enthusiast, and professional gamer. Little is known of his true identity, but this man of mystery appreciates fine food, exceptional entertainment, and top shelf spirits.