Episode 35: Schindler on the Roof

Episode 35: Schindler on the Roof

The guys gather at Dylan’s house to discuss all the big questions. Where’s can you get the best kolache? Stretch or Plas? The old Spartacus or the new one? “Tombstone” or “Unforgiven”? It was a night to remember.

  • I want answers and I don’t want to swipe
  • Battle of the stretchy guys
  • Print’s dead
  • Michael Richards (again)
  • Video stores that we knew and loved (and hated)
  • Fuck cake pops
  • The best little kolache house in Texas
  • Ben and Hunter are Browncoats
  • The Roman strap-on
  • Ben finally saw “Freaks and Geeks”
  • Everything is retro
  • The failed Western revival of the early ’90s
  • As good as “Bill and Ted”?
  • Bet on black Bond


“The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show”
Stretch Armstrong
Cake Pop
The Little Czech Bakery
Bar-B-Q Heaven
Idris Elba

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