Episode 32: An Honest Day’s Work

Episode 32: An Honest Day's Work

You no can explain Hulk. Hulk got big problems. Puny humans make Hulk feel confused. Hulk got mortgage. Hulk got 7 year car loan. Hulk got more on plate than Hulk can handle. You no judge Hulk. Only Hulk can judge Hulk.

  • Even the Hulk has his days
  • Where’s Stan Lee?
  • The “Ghetto Guys” gave me sandwiches
  • The hidden animal cemetery
  • A sucker for a good peeing-in-the-pants story
  • I might have to wash my cat
  • I know the gay bars
  • Mr. Slippery Dick
  • Wow, Ice-T…wow
  • That’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever touched


Stan Lee
The Geto Boys
Slick Rick
“I Love the ’90s”

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