Episode 39: The Ghost of Conway Twitty

Episode 39: The Ghost of Conway Twitty

Jingle bells, monkeys smell, Conway’s not impressed! The guys get together to swap Christmas stories and presents. Really? This is the season finale? Really?

We at “You Talk Loud” would like to thank all of you for listening and supporting us over the year. We’ll return in 2013 with fresh episodes and tons more bullshit. Merry Christmas and have a swanky new year!

  • Season’s greetings
  • The unwrapping of the gifts
  • That monkey’s the shit
  • Maintenance!
  • Christmas-related injuries
  • Christmas countdown
  • Merry Christmas and goodnight


Double crisp coal
Crystal growing kit
FBI action play set
Holiday erasers
Cars holiday decorations
Melt marine man
Criminal profiling kit
Fingerprinting kit
Paint-a-bank monkey
Conway Twitty
Darwin, the IKEA monkey

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