Episode 30: Ernest Dies Alone

Episode 30: Earnest Dies Alone

It’s ’90s week! Yes, raise a glass of Crystal Pepsi and chow down on a microwave brownie! Is Ben afraid to watch chick flicks and girly TV shows? As if!

  • So how big did your foot get?
  • Tramadol meltdown
  • Everyone loves Gangnam style (except Hunter and Bates)
  • You should have seen the look on Johnny’s face
  • Let me know when the Asian chick is on
  • Arkham City knows how to party
  • The┬ábargain┬ábin ’90s
  • The was a Mentos commercial in that movie!
  • You’re the best… around!
  • Fuck remakes
  • Killing cats for banjo strings
  • Vacation (all I ever wanted!)
  • In a van down by the river…
  • Goodbye, Vern


PSY – “Gangnam Style”
Dr. Christina Yang
Mentos… the freshmaker!
Joe Esposito – “You’re the Best Around”
Stan Bush – “You got the Touch”
Sammy Hagar – “Winner Takes it All”
Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte – “Take It to the Limit”
“Give me the Banjo”

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