Episode 29: Gandalf Said It!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word life, it means forever and that’s a mighty long time, but I’m here to tell you there’s something else: You Talk Loud.

You want discipline? Drink water!
Van Allen, explain yourself
Bartender, one mind-eraser
“Oh my baybuh!”
TV time!
Bates knows his hosannas
Welcome to Shitty Church, with Reverend Pig-Pen
GTFO, Bickett
The Biblemaster

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Episode 28: Mean Old Man

WWE and YTL present the greatest show in podcast entertainment! Featuring your TYL superstars: Ben “The Mean Old Man” Jarvis, Hunter “Sandwich Kid” Demyen, and Claymation “Capicola” Bates!

Curious wife beatin’ George
Sheriff Cordell
Father & son reunion
Meet Simon Birch
Cena’s biggest fan
Wrestling internet super-fan
Put your shirts back on
The disappointment list
Sandwich kid: the return
Big travelin’ man
Fallout 3 zombie
DC game time!
Fatman thinspiration

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Episode 27: Capottica

Oh yes it’s big boy’s night, and the pizza’s right! Oh yes it’s big boy’s night, the beer is out of sight!

The house that Kpop built
Breaking movie rules
Let’s Schwarzenate this night
“Teddy bear!”
I’m so excited
Ben’s cat book
I don’t think we fit in at Toys “R” Us
Cabella’s panda execution
“Spaceballs” merch wishlist
David Spade: ninja warrior
I think James Brown is gonna kill me

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Episode 26: Built-in Codpiece

“America, I like my beats funky. I’m spunky. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I like my oatmeal lumpy.” – President Obama, “The Humpty Speech.”

The cat’s meizzle
Martian “Big Brother”
I like it RAW
Ben don’t know diddly about bocce ball
My experimental summer
Athletic supporters
7 humps
Dudical slang
Holy cock-munchers
Zeke, the hippie
You Talk Loud vs. The Big Help

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Episode 23: Don’t Wake Daddy

Advance token to Cool Ass LA! If you pass “Uh-oh!”, spend $40 for two pregnancy tests. If Ben own’s Cool Ass LA, pay twice the rent! You better hope you don’t roll doubles… Okay look… I’ve slept in a bandit’s bed; Bates is our landlord; Night terrors… what a fun game; This isn’t your mom and dad’s Comic-Con; Sci-Fi no one else likes; Sleepover stories

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Episode 21: I’m Submissive

Let’s get the band back together and sing for a worthy cause! Randy Newman needs to be taken down a peg. Jack meets Julia; Three jobless musketeers; The X-Men need a day off; “Shut up! I’m me!”; Randy Newman: short people assassin; So Colossus isn’t ultimately gay; Kryptonian yuppies; “Oooooh…You’re the complainer.”; Dead people stories (feminine napkins included); The ’90s are back… in pog form; The commemorative “A” dick gold coin

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