Episode 28: Mean Old Man

Episode 28: Mean Old Man

WWE and YTL present the greatest show in podcast entertainment! Featuring your TYL superstars: Ben “The Mean Old Man” Jarvis, Hunter “Sandwich Kid” Demyen, and Claymation “Capicola” Bates!

  • Curious wife beatin’ George
  • Sheriff Cordell
  • Father & son reunion
  • Meet Simon Birch
  • Cena’s biggest fan
  • Heisenberg
  • Wrestling internet super-fan
  • Put your shirts back on
  • The disappointment list
  • Sandwich kid: the return
  • Big travelin’ man
  • Fallout 3 zombie
  • DC game time!
  • Fatman thinspiration


Father & son
Kevin Weismen
Tank Abbott

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