Episode 27: Capottica

Episode 27: Capottica

Oh yes it’s big boy’s night, and the pizza’s right! Oh yes it’s big boy’s night, the beer is out of sight!

  • The house that Kpop built
  • Breaking movie rules
  • Let’s Schwarzenate this night
  • “Teddy bear!”
  • I’m so excited
  • Ben’s cat book
  • I don’t think we fit in at Toys “R” Us
  • Cabella’s panda execution
  • “Spaceballs” merch wishlist
  • David Spade: ninja warrior
  • I think James Brown is gonna kill me


Fullscreen vs. Widescreen
“Return to Oz”
“Total Recall”
“Demolition Man”
“Brave New World”
“Lock Up”
“I’m so excited”
Guy Fieri
David Spade

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