Episode 24: Meet Ben Jetson

Episode 24: Meet Ben Jetson

Meet Ben Jetson! Hunter, his pal! His bud Batesy! Get me off this fucking thing!

  • No one likes Anders
  • Don’t drive while ass is poppin’
  • Raffi Insurance!
  • The best little whorehouse in Thailand
  • I’m a travelin’ Ben
  • That’s amazing!
  • Countdown to SmackDown
  • Comedy is not pretty!
  • Naysayers gonna naysay


Fake Ben
Best of “Workaholics”
“Yacht Rock”
Bobby Lee (Jay Mohr interview)
Expo ’86
Rick Steves
Heull Howser
The Daniel Tosh scandal
The Adam Carolla scandal

* The YTL crew would like to give a big fat “FUCK YOU” to James Holmes, the Aurora Massacre shooter. This fuck killed 13 of our kind and wounded many more. We hope he gets all that’s coming to him and that the victims and their families find peace. To make a donation to aid the victims visit the Aurora Victim Relief Fund.

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