Episode 21: I’m Submissive

Episode 21: I'm Submissive

Let’s get the band back together and sing for a worthy cause! Randy Newman needs to be taken down a peg.

  • Jack meets Julia
  • Three jobless musketeers
  • The X-Men need a day off
  • “Shut up! I’m me!”
  • Randy Newman: short people assassin
  • So Colossus isn’t ultimately gay
  • Kryptonian yuppies
  • “Oooooh…You’re the complainer.”
  • Dead people stories (feminine napkins included)
  • The ’90s are back… in pog form
  • The commemorative “A” dick gold coin


Julia Child
Jacques Pépin
Jubilee (She’s actually Chinese)
“Short People” by Randy Newman
“Superman: New Krypton”
Summerland Tour 2012
Seal Team 6 Commemorative Coin

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