Episode 3: The Rainbow Parachute

Episode 3: The Rainbow Parachute

Everyone’s a winner when:

  • Every 9 year old has a magic dildo in the cupboard
  • BOTH keys? at the same time?!?
  • America’s next Guttenberg
  • Hold the drank!
  • Tales from the salon
  • Horror films: the good, the bad, and the Korean
  • More name dropping
  • All we had was He-Man and we liked it
  • “The Dad Rap”
  • Sports!
  • The doughnut incident
  • Tee-ball is a sham
  • The rainbow parachute
  • Snatch the bacon
  • The final Lucas retcon
  • “Cops” comes to the Shire
  • Gandalf’s roadie years
  • Just watching mah stories
  • Chyna’s royal gang bang
  • Guilty cartoon pleasures
  • Racist Bates
  • Mom’s Jedi mind tricks
  • The trials and tribulations of Big Guy


The Indian in the Cupboard”
“Superman III”
Steve Guttenberg
Purple drank
The foundation for unwed mothers
The master rapper tricks Fred
Still flappin’ the rainbow
Snatch the bacon
“Maya the Bee”

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