Episode 4: Hundreds of Richard Simmons Babies

Episode 4: Hundreds of Richard Simmons Babies

This week the guys choke slam some knowledge on:

  • Aikdo, do you kido?
  • Autographs are a serious undertaking
  • Gods of wrestling
  • Closer to the Gutt
  • More puss than a cathouse
  • New nicknames?
  • Seriously? You’ve never seen “The Godfather?”
  • Arnold needs to lay off the weed
  • Judd Hirsch don’t give a fuck
  • The fat, British, homeless, male Mary Poppins
  • WTF was I doing at the Ron Reagan show?
  • Arnold and Dudley take a ride at the bike shop
  • TV time!
  • Hey Meat-Man, it’s “Adventure Time!”
  • Dad, where do meme’s come from?
  • In the year 3000
  • Alien skaters
  • There’s a…counter on that ball!
  • The spirit of the early ’90s


The Undertaker
Cookie O’Puss
Conan the Commentary
“Dear John” don’t give a fuck!
Mr. Belvedere
Ron Reagan
Arnold and the Bicycleman
Adventure Time
Know Your Meme
Skip it!

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