Episode 2: The Worst Clique Ever

Episode 2: The Worst Clique Ever

Prepare to be schooled in how:

  • The Druidians run everything
  • Always a Bridesmaid, never a Heidecker
  • Willrow Hood, always up to no good
  • Freaking at the sock hop
  • Fuck Tara and Jamal!
  • It’s like “Rooftops” meets “West Side Story” in here
  • Hands off the horse!
  • Ach! Zombies…and sharks!
  • Fat black guys = classy, fat white guys = trashy
  • Getting dissed by Stephen Hawking
  • Carding the tamale guy
  • The Space Love Boat
  • I, Robot-Man
  • Who needs water…or…toilets…or A/C?
  • Ben’s magical animal kingdom
  • “Welcome Back Kotter” meets “Mad Men”
  • Our shop teacher was in a movie, what about yours?
  • Really?…Cow talk??
  • The allowance fine print
  • “Speaking of dog shit”


Tim Heidecker
Willrow Hood
“Me So Horny” by 2 Live Crew
“Pink sock”
Carl Winslow
Zombi 2
David Prowse in “A Clockwork Orange”
Discovery One
SSV Normandy
Heart of Gold
The Love Boat
Lady Luck
Pillar of Autumn
Ram nuts
“Dazed and Confused”
Bloat in cattle
White dog shit

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