Episode 1: Helen Keller Meets Old Yeller

Episode 1: Helen Keller Meets Old Yeller

In this episode, the boys learn:

  • Rest Homes and Chinese buffets, together at last
  • Thoughts on Chat Roulette
  • Bean-spilling: The E! True Hollywood Story
  • Not all cartoon ideas are good ideas
  • LeVar Burton is more economical than Oprah
  • Space-Eyes blow!
  • 26 is the new 60
  • Animal shows: destroyer of Saturday mornings
  • Hanna Barbera: the cartoon recycling bin
  • Life lessons of drinking
  • ‘Wake’ up!
  • Granny’s not-so-special features


Power Dogz Pizza
Mr. Magoo
Anne Frank
The Elephant Man (Joseph Merrick)
Helen Keller
Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Geordi La Forge
Top Cat
Steele Reserve
Hunter S. Thompson

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