Episode 0: I Don’t Frown on Brown

Episode 0: I Don't Frown on Brown

The boys start out fresh…in an Italian manner. Ben discovers the uncanny beauty of an alternate version of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Grazie! Hunter spreads knowledge of how facial hair can wreck yourself before you check yourself…unless you go to your local grocery store. Reality check: diets make you cry. Poetry can be inspiring, but pearl skirts can make YOU look stale. While some people have Brown Hornet babies in junkyards, doctors say Four LoKo gives you strong bones, and the guys look into the not too distant future for Louis C.K.


The Italian Fresh Prince
The Chaplin
Interpretive Dance
The Message
Survival (Message 2)
The Breaks
The Fat Albert Christmas Special
Porkchop Sandwiches
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
Final Sacrifice
Time Chasers
Louis C.K.

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