Episode 5: Mucha Shaka Paka’s Cool, Dad!

Episode 5: Mucha Shaka Paka's Cool, Dad!

Watch out! We got three badasses over here! Big talk about:

  • Brad Garret vs. Spermit the Frog
  • The great pizza buffet debate
  • Jurassic pizza park
  • Uninvited guest
  • Who invented the cotton gin?
  • The Barton Springs naked old man club
  • More run-ins with the handicapped
  • “They had a rough time at school with their ‘Beat It’ t-shirts”
  • The battle of the “Star Wars” badasses
  • I dream of Vader
  • The Imperial march of dimes
  • Rest home for forgotten mascots
  • The Eastwood Insurance cowboy robs the cradle
  • Follow that camel!
  • Tales of seasonal employment
  • Late night payback delivery
  • “It’s just a bus ride away…”
  • The poor kid costume parade
  • Witches is bitches


Target “Alouette” TV commercial
Gatti’s Pizza
CiCi’s Pizza
The Barton Springs Pool
Spirit Halloween
The Bert costume
Bonus: The Oscar the Grouch costume

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