Episode 18: No Cholo

Episode 18: No Cholo

Make way for a GIANT-SIZED “You Talk Loud”!

  • Evel Benievel
  • I’ve got gut puppets, I’m not coming in
  • Mr. Brannon vs. Mr. Gil
  • I’ll take “Resident Evil 2” for $1000
  • Don’t hate on the Fatman
  • Gay mutants vs. gay robots
  • The cast from “Coach” + laxatives…you do the math
  • Bates, spirit beads, and the Baseline Bums
  • I thought rim jobs were cool?!?
  • The loophole in the bucket list


Evel Knievel
“Happy Talk”
“Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Taco
“Red State”
Ultimate Colossus
The Baseline Bums
“Let’s Roll” by Goldie Loc (NSFW)

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