Episode 15: Tonight, We Name No Names

Episode 15: Tonight, We Name No Names

Load up the semi, fire up Peggle, and let’s get on the road again!

  • Eastbound and down, get those whales a rollin’
  • Blossom didn’t smell so sweet
  • Late night wars
  • ’80s movies like a motherfucker
  • A short discussion
  • Take Goosio to the Mardi Gras
  • Extreme Bates
  • Dad plays rough


Cary Grant never said “Judy, Judy, Judy”
“Smokey and the Bandit II”
“Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird”
Dave Thomas
“Collision Course”
“Hard Ticket to Hawaii”
“The Last American Virgin”
“Time Bandits”
“Drop Dead Fred”
Mardi Gras Modeling & Lingerie

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