Episode 38: Tales from the Moon

Episode 38: Tales from the Moon

It’s not a crime to like Will Smith OR be a Juggalo. But both? Madness! This episode was recorded around Thanksgiving.

  • The richest NASCAR fan in poor town
  • Fables of the East side
  • Juggalo on Juggalo crime
  • RIP Twinkie the Kid
  • Shut up and play, Hed PE
  • Fun and games
  • Bond is bi-curious
  • The McRib maneuver
  • Bears and neuralizers
  • Great moments in History Channel history
  • Downgraded to khaki coat


Circuit of the Americas
“Fox Undercover: Ditching Parties”
Hed PE
“Halo 4”
“Star Wars: The Old Republic”
“World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria”

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