Episode 33: I Really Ate Like a Pig

Episode 33: I Really Ate Like a Pig

Grease up and get ready for a roller coaster ride, brother!

  • American ingenuity
  • Getting drunk at the Chili’s bar
  • Crackle & Pop
  • Sitcom geography
  • The Hulkster gets down
  • It’s all fun and games
  • Do you shave your bush?
  • Ben gets corny
  • Joss, I take it all back
  • TMNT is back!
  • You can’t defend Michael Richards
  • The not-so-great debate
  • Get off my porch!


“Animal Practice”
The Hulk Hogan porno
“Borderlands 2”
“WWE 13”
“Night Trap”
Barton Hill Farms corn maze
Joss Whedon
“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”
The first 2012 presidential debate

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