Episode 16: I Hate Music

Episode 16: I Hate Music

Whose house? Shredder’s house!

  • Ben didn’t do jack shit
  • I ain’t ‘fraida no poltergeist
  • Gonzales: home of the hopper
  • Ice cream demands
  • We’re all in the same gang
  • The 7th inning drink
  • …and Donatello on bass!
  • The worst pizza place in Texas
  • Words that make you go…ewww


Zelda Rubenstein
“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
Rob Zombie
“Castle Freak
Charles Band
Stuart Gordon
“Demonic Toys”
“The Omen”
Gonzales, Texas
Neapolitan ice cream
TMNT Coming Out of Their Shells Tour: Live!
Captured! by Robots
The Rock-afire Explosion
Texas Pizza, Pasta, and More

Bonus: “I was headed to a nursing home!”

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