Episode 12: Spoiler Alert!

Episode 12: Spoiler Alert!

Watch out! Spoilers ahead!

  • Chim-Cham pussed out
  • RedBox is the new DMV
  • Ryan Gosling is not as bad as Ben thought (despite “The Notebook”)
  • The modern Steve Guttenberg… revealed!
  • Hunter is a softy for Muppets
  • Buzz Lightyear shot first
  • Film hoarders
  • Mom’s PPV experience
  • Dad’s mystery tape
  • Ben doesn’t call
  • Al goes to the principal’s office


The Notebook
Jason Segal
The Muppets
Milk, it does a body good


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  1. I really liked The Muppets. The only issue I had with it was that it was a total bro movie. There were so many great male comics and actors and only one female feature. Amy Adams did a great job, but I would have liked to see more funny females on the screen.

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