Episode 11: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Episode 11: Who Let the Dogs Out?

There’s a party goin’ on right here. A rager to last throughout the years. So bring your Krakken and your Tito’s too. We gonna rock your party with you…

Ben, Hunter, Bates, and Angry Craig

  • Greek Easter and Armenian Christmas
  • Bastardcuts
  • Meet Angry Craig and his cliqtoo
  • The Alex Jones bunker
  • Who doesn’t want L.A. Gear flip flops that light up?
  • Don’t hide in the fridge
  • Hey April, don’t cut me no slack!

Ben, Hunter, Bates, and Dylan

  • How to get a discount hooker the Armenian way
  • Tales from the adult film industry
  • A trip to Circus of Books
  • Please, someone give Hunter a job

Ben, Hunter, Keely, and RJ

  • “Ringmaster” changed RJ’s Life

Ben, Bates, Dylan, and Angry Craig

  • Musicality and the great Austin bass famine
  • P&W at Christstock
  • Moonshining
  • Ben, the pyro
  • Is it live, or is it Memorex?
  • What’s a C….D?
  • Not-so-social networking
  • Ben better keep his will up to date

Ben, Bates, Dylan, and Hunter (the return)

  • 8 to 10* (*including the dog)
  • Merkin Idol
  • The Guttenberg Paradox
  • Ben’s dad was in “Crank 2”


Angry Craig’s cliqtoo
The TMNTijuana Bibles

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